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May 02 Week 14

Finalizing BETA projects for FINAL CRIT Wk 15
should be no shorter than 10 minutes and no longer than 20 minutes.

  1. You should have a screen-based or verbal description of your project prepared.
  2. For those who have chosen new project ideas since Alpha presentation, please provide a BRIEF pre-presentation that includes: Use-case scenario, Presentation Sketch, Flow Chart/Storyboard, Rough Visuals
  3. It is understood these are prototypes, but please have a walk through demonstration prepared that represents your concept and it’s usability in the best light. If you are “faking” certain functionality do not make this apparent to your audience. If there are buttons or links that are not active, make sure you have prepared your presentation in a way that does not make it appear your application or site is “broken.”

FINAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COURSE (to turn in next week on DVD):

  1. All working files for the semester. This includes beginning assignments and iterations and Alpha presentation files. Please label all accurately and organize in sub folders so files are sequential from beginning of semester to end of semester. All files & sub-folders should be in a final folder labeled LastNameFirstName_Des682 (ex. GannisCarla_DDA500)
  2. Video Walk Through of Beta project. 20-120 seconds is sufficient.
    Screen Recording Software Free:
    http://www.webresourcesdepot.com/10-free-screen-recording-softwares-for-creating-attractive-screencasts/Screen Recording for Purchase:
    http://mac.appstorm.net/roundups/utilities-roundups/10-screen-recording-tools-for-mac/Assignment Week 13
  3. Beta presentation files. (swfs, flvs, mp3′s, whatever files that are part of your live presentation, **FONTS**)
  4. Completed blog. (All entries should be posted!)
BLOG ENTRY 01: Set up account. Send the url to me: carlagannis@gmail.com In your first entry please comment on this week’s reading & viewing assignments. You can additionally post sketches, or ideas about your first assignment.
BLOG ENTRY 02: Comment on Viewings above. Post your flow chart and any relevant & pertinent ideas to project so far.
BLOG ENTRY 03: Make sure flow charts are posted here and also comment on ideas you have for upcoming projects, interesting things you’re reading, viewing or listening to.
BLOG ENTRY 04: Brainstorming for your BETA Project – Post a 250-500 word description of your beta project idea. Whatever you are thinking at this point IS NOT SET IN STONE. This is your first brainstorm session. (This can be culled from Blog Entry notes & ephemera). **However, this is still a professional proposal. Please pay attention to spelling and grammar.
BLOG ENTRY 05 Comment on the link above.
BLOG ENTRY 06: Make a list of functionality you are interested in pursuing for your project and post on your blog.
BLOG ENTRY 07: Free for all post. Whatever that interests you.
BLOG ENTRY 08: Beta Research (Inspirations, Working Files, Sketches)
BLOG ENTRY 09: Beta Research (Inspirations, Working Files, Sketches)
BLOG ENTRY 10: Beta Research (Inspirations, Working Files, Sketches)
BLOG ENTRY 11: Edited Wish List posted for David.
BLOG ENTRY 12: Comments on progress and anything new you learned regarding Flash and Actionscript today.
BLOG ENTRY 13: Comments on the work of our visiting artists and on feedback they gave to you.
BLOG ENTRY 14: Comments on what you have garnered from this course. Feedback, suggestions, critic.
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